Why are we doing this?

We’re building Fettl because we firmly believe that an active workplace is an employee right, not a privilege. We’ve loved sport our whole lives and in many ways we built our friendship through it. But all the way through, our parents and numerous others have said to us “well it’ll all end when you get into the working world”. We didn’t believe them, but then we took corporate jobs and realised they were right. We did very little.

So we decided to make a change, left those jobs and set about doing everything in our power to truly bring activity to workplaces. Through our research, we identified that there is a huge underserved market of companies whose only wellbeing solutions were really designed for companies of a totally different size. So we’ve set about delivering a first-class wellbeing service for those companies as the first step in our goal to bring activity to workplaces.
The founding team
Alex Richardson
Cycled Land's End to John O'Groats aged 14. Ex investment banker, economist and ideas guru.
James Heywood
Ironman and Oxford Blue. Full stack developer and Biomedical Engineer.